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Roll-out of a premium, disruptive and lifestyle ski-wear brand using Panagora starter-theme

The Mountain Studio E-commerce, Platform Shopify

How we built a high-end, visually-driven and highly performing online store using our new Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 with Shopify markets.

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The Mountain Studio is a new brand founded by the entrepreneurs behind Peak Performance - Peter Blom and Stefan Engström - together with the famous ski wear professional Marcel Hirscher. They want to become a leading global category winner within their niche as a premium ski wear brand in the Alp region. Their target audience are people who spend most of their days out on the mountain – come rain come shine. Demanding as hell about their gear and clothes, but all sharing a common love of a mountain lifestyle. All their products are made with a strong belief in the latest technology, materials, design, craftsmanship and great attention to detail.


Our mission was to take the brand logo and colors and build a new store concept and digital DNA using our new Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets with localization on a single Shopify storefront. Our idea was to deliver a fast and visually rich flagship store with dynamic and flexible solutions, video content and equip the client with a superior backend and frontend interface to truly let them elevate and express their brand. We used our new optimized Panagora starter-theme for a superior responsive solution, navigation, speed and effortless shopping experience. The starter-theme boosts sales, site performance, SEO, accessibility and best practice but still allows a unique and distinct brand expression.


Launching their new flagship store on our new Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 with Shopify markets means that the client can plan, expand, launch and scale their global business with high focus on marketing and business development. They can easily promote and expand their assortment, enable rich shopping and brand content on every page,, onboard new staff members and enable sales, influencer and marketing activities. Moreover, they can easily showcase rich branded video content without any fear for site speed or bounce rate issues. Finally, with Shopify markets the client can enable full localization with fixed pricing, currency, VAT, languages, taxes and duties on one Shopify storefront.


By choosing Panagora, we did not only get a Shopify platform technical partner, but also a partner who really does understand the business side of e-commerce.

Peter Blom, Co-founder & CEO, The Mountain Studio
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Client benefits

Average page load time

2,2 seconds

Panagora starter-theme

Optimizations sitewide

Online store 2.0

Sections on every page

Shopify markets

Localization one storefront

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