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A cinematic experience of a legendary streetwear store with releases of the most in-demand sneakers in the world


Extra Butter NY E-commerce, Platform Shopify Plus

How we built a cinematic retail experience with both online and offline product releases of the most in-demand sneakers in the world using our new Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0


Extra Butter is a legendary streetwear multibrand store founded in New York City with access to the most in-demand sneakers in the world with their tier 0 status account from giants like Nike and Adidas etc. Extra Butter has always set the bar extremely high in terms of retail and lifestyle experience and they have a unique credibility and position as one of the leaders within the global sneakers community. They have both online and in-store releases of the most attractive sneakers and streetwear products in the world. Their target audience are people who expect nothing less than the extraordinary in terms of products, services, technology and experience of some of the most in-demand products online today.

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Our mission was to take their new brand platform and build a new store concept reflecting a cinematic retailer experience using our new Panagora starter-theme based on online store 2.0 and roll-out a unique and distinct Extra Butter theme. Our idea was to translate their new brand platform into a new digital DNA, deliver a fast and visually rich flagship store with release functionality, superior ecom solutions, cinematic components everywhere and equip the client with a superior backend and frontend interface to truly let them elevate and express their ambitions to scale the “Extra Butter cinematic retail universe”. We used our new optimized Panagora starter-theme for a superior responsive solution, navigation, speed and effortless shopping experience. The starter-theme boosts sales, site performance, SEO, accessibility and best practice but still allows a unique and distinct brand expression. We enabled our strategic partners such as Klaviyo to enable in-store raffles and transition the client into a high-growth store with automated flows, segmentation and enhanced user experience in all communication.

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Re-designing their new flagship store on our new Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 means that the client can plan, expand, launch and scale their global business as a leading player within the global sneakers community. They can easily enable new product releases, promote and expand their assortment, enable rich shopping and branded content on every page, onboard new staff members and enable sales, influencer and marketing activities. Moreover, they can easily showcase rich cinematic video content without any fear for site speed or bounce rate issues.

Working with the team at Panagora was amazing. They know their business, listened and took time to understand our needs and had solutions that make a difference.

Ankur Amin, Co-founder & CEO, Extra Butter

Client benefits

Average page load time

2,6 seconds

Ecommerce conversion rate

+ 153%

Time spent on site

+ 50%

Panagora starter-theme

Optimizations sitewide

Online store 2.0

Sections on every page

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