Redesign of a fashion brand that creates wardrobe heroes that celebrate the female body


ADOORE E-commerce, Platform Shopify Plus

How we redesigned a fast-growing fashion brand on Shopify Plus using our Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets 


Adoore is a fashion brand that aims to create wardrobe heroes that celebrate the female body. With great fit as the core brand value, the aim is to design those eye-catching garments that women always feel like the best version of themselves in. That will make women feel empowered, that is beautifully designed and of the highest quality. Adoore needed a complete revamp of their old Shopify theme due to web design, performance, and maintenance issues. Their old site did not simply reflect their true brand potential. Adoore were ready to take their next step in scaling up their global ecommerce business and position themselves as a premium brand.


Our mission was to redesign the site and revamp their tech stack and build a new store concept using our Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets and deliver a distinct and highly performing retail experience. Our idea was to redesign with new ecommerce solutions and tech stack. Adoore had a long list of requirements that required client specific solutions. We used our optimized Panagora starter-theme for a superior fluid responsive solution, navigation, speed, and effortless shopping experience as the foundation. The starter-theme boosts sales, site performance, SEO, accessibility, and best practice but allows unique client specific solutions and brand expressions. We also enabled our strategic partners to build a strong tech stack deeply integrated.           

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We are so happy with the result of the new design and really enjoyed working together with the team at Panagora. Now we're looking forward to the next step together and to keep develop the digital area of Adoore with great design, and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.

Petra Tungården, CD & Founder, ADOORE
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Redesigning their new flagship store on our starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets means that the client can plan, expand, launch, and scale up their global business as a leading brand within their niche. They can easily publish rich shopping and branded content on every page, onboard new staff members and enable sales, influencer, localization, and marketing activities. Moreover, they can easily showcase rich video content sitewide without any fear of site speed or bounce rate issues.

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Client benefits

Average page load time

From 4,5 to 2 sec


+ 73%

Conversion rate

+ 43%

Bounce rate

- 10%

Panagora starter-theme

Optimizations sitewide

Online store 2.0

Sections on every page

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