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A visually delightful, user-friendly store front armoured against bots

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How Panagora built an endlessly scalable backend to outlive even the steepest traffic peaks, and a state of the art bot management solution.

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Wood Wood is a Copenhagen based contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002. With an aim to create products that harmonize both style and functionality, Wood Wood uses a mix of streetwear, high fashion, sports together with youth culture, art and music to create its own universe.

The company’s online store has been plagued by bot activity due to the unique assortment of limited edition products with high aftermarket value. This resulted in overall poor site performance and downtime far exceeding the industry baseline.

The user experience was also heavily weighted towards a desktop shopping experience, and compromises done on the mobile version of the site negatively affected users who primarily visited the site on desktop. The result of this was an unusually low lower spread between desktop and mobile usage.

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We wanted to build a responsive online store with a user-friendly shopping experience and incorporate the Wood Wood DNA in the UI. The site is built on top of our proprietary platform Panagora EDGE which utilises the power and scalability of AWS, combined with Cloudflare’s CDN services and Bot Management solution, to provide a lightning fast shopping experience on a global scale and our promise of 100% uptime (SLA).


Wood Wood’s new online store is armoured with an (almost) endlessly scalable backend to outlive even the steepest traffic peaks, and a state of the art bot management solution. The new and improved responsive design has pawed the way for an equally delightful and effortless shopping experience on desktop as well as mobile devices.

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We are very happy with our new site and platform performance, both page load time and how it has increased our conversions. Customers are happier when the experience is smooth and it is essential for our company’s growth and future success.

Katrin Bjerre, Director of Marketing & DTC Sales, Wood Wood
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