Localization – Using local market knowledge and insights

We partner up with companies to help them find new revenue streams and growth. Using local market knowledge and insights from our local teams and partners in Korea and Japan, we shorten your time to market. Adapting products/assortment, content and marketing tactics resonates with local audiences and culture, adding immense value.


Analysis & Strategy

Covering areas like:

  • Consumer insights & Trends
  • Market Analysis
  • Competetitors Analysis
  • Go to market Strategy, Positioning & Planning
  • Logistics & Shipping Management
Influencer Marketing


Covering areas like:

  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • PR, Product Placements & Influencer Marketing
  • SEO & SEM Strategy


Covering areas and hands-on localization activities like:

  • Operational planning, set up & support
  • Site & Content Translation
  • SEO & SEM management
  • Payment methods
  • Customer Service
  • Logistics support & Freight forwarding