E-commerce – Speed is the secret sauce

We are known for building some of the fastest loading E-commerce stores in the world. If your looking for the perfect tool for product releases on a global scale with the demand of local languages, currencies, taxes, payments, shipping alternatives, and great consumer experience, look no further.


Platform EDGE

Panagora EDGE is a dynamic sales tool customized to fit your needs. The platform is a custom built e-commerce front end web framework created for scalability and performance, focusing solely on online sales. It's our main tool in creating global e-commerce solutions with inspiring shopping experiences.

  • High performance that manage large traffic peaks
  • Global platform that allows any currency and language
  • Market segmentation and localization
  • Endless of customization options
  • Bot management
  • Hype release / raffle managment
  • Customer support with 24/7 incident management

Contact Moon-Suck for more information or a demo.


Platform Shopify

Panagora believes in unique brand experiences and high performing e-commerce stores. Even if that means running the extra mile for our clients to exceed their expectations. By working in cross-functional and data driven teams of specialists that can deliver best in breed solutions, we create your new digital flagship store on Shopify or Shopify Plus.

  • Suitable for medium to large stores
  • Store build, re-design and re-platform
  • Business development and ecom strategy
  • UX/UI design and information architecture
  • Feasible, scalable, valuable and usable ecom solutions
  • Continuous development, growth recommendations and support

Contact Ludvig for more information or a demo.