Strategy – We help companies grow their business

Leveraging 20+ years of cross-border e-commerce experience, we help companies grow their business. Our experience and expertise enables us to connect customers globally with business concepts, using the best-suited technology and localized market strategy and adaptation. By shortening time to success, through connecting operations and strategy, we drive growth in brand and performance.

Consumer Insights & Trends

Audit Services

We assist in assessing, auditing & analysing ecommerce strategy, operations and capabilities adding perspectives that help inform decision-making and execution. Some of our audit and analysis services are:

  • E-com audit (SAG) – covering technology stack, content, data handling, business and marketing strategy, organizational capabilities and the overall customer experience
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analysis – covering sales, retention, segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value and development of customer database modeling for profitable growth

Advisory Services

We assist in helping our clients to transform and/or develop their e-com businesses. Supporting with guidance in how to design, manage and execute for change and growth. Covering best practice guidance in roadmapping crossborder ecommerce, transformation, turnaround or pivot strategies and tactics. Some of our advisory services are:

  • "New Retail" Business Concepts
  • Business Transformation Concepts
  • Strategic Consulting & Ecommerce Roadmapping
  • Ideation and vetting
Business Strategy Advice

Consulting Services

We assist with providing strategy, implementation and operations consultants – working collaboratively with clients in driving change, streamlining operations and enabling growth. Some of our interim consultancy services are:

  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Ecommerce management