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A jewelry brand's transformation to seamless growth


Tom Wood Composable Commerce on; Brink Commerce API, Algolia Search, Business Central, Plytix PIM, Voyado CRM and Contentful CMS.

How we transformed Tom Wood's Online Presence with our composable frontend framework on a best-in-breed partner ecosystem.

"The decision to partner with Panagora was driven by their deep understanding of our unique challenges and their proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Their ability to provide valuable insights and challenge our existing systems aligned perfectly with our vision for growth. With Panagora as our strategic partner, we are confident that together we can revolutionize our e-commerce experience and take Tom Wood to new heights."

Lukas Papier, CTO, Tom Wood
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Tom Wood, a rapidly growing global jewelry and fashion innovator, has set its sights on a new phase of expansion. With a reputation for modern interpretations of historical signet rings and a commitment to Scandinavian aesthetics, simplicity, and functionalism, Tom Wood has established itself as a leading luxury brand. To further elevate their digital presence and accommodate their ambitious growth plans, Tom Wood sought a strategic partner capable of delivering a seamless and scalable e-commerce solution.


In their pursuit of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, Tom Wood identified Panagora as the ideal partner. Panagora's expertise in fast-loading online stores and cross-border e-commerce, coupled with their renowned UI/UX design capabilities, made them the perfect fit. Together, they devised an innovative solution that leverages a best-in-breed ecosystem of partners. Brink Commerce engine was chosen for their scalable and reliable cart and order management, Contentful for robust content management, Algolia for lightning-fast search functionality, and Plytix for efficient product information management. Additionally, Microsoft Business Central 365 was selected to provide comprehensive ERP capabilities. Hosting the frontend solution on the AWS cloud infrastructure ensured optimal performance and scalability.

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The collaboration between Tom Wood and Panagora, along with their best-in-breed partners, has yielded significant impacts. Tom Wood's e-commerce platform has been transformed into a seamless, user-centric experience that aligns perfectly with their brand values. The implementation of fast-loading online stores and advanced search functionality has improved customer engagement and satisfaction. Efficient product information management and comprehensive ERP capabilities have streamlined internal processes, enabling Tom Wood to scale operations effectively. The cloud infrastructure provided by AWS ensures reliable hosting and scalability, supporting the brand's ambitious growth plans.

By embracing this innovative e-commerce solution, Tom Wood has unlocked new opportunities for global expansion and strengthened its position as a leading luxury brand. The collaboration between Tom Wood, Panagora, and their best-in-breed partners exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships and the impact of leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive business growth.

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