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Revamping an old legacy store from the ground and elevating global sales and brand desirability

Tom Hope E-commerce, Platform Shopify

Helping Tom Hope scale globally and drive sales by building a new flagship store that doesn't rely on any resource dependencies.


Tom Hope draw inspiration from their Swedish heritage and all things nautical. All their products are made with a strong belief in timeless design, craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Their old online store did not reflect this brand promise. Their former store had several issues with brand content, redirects, SEO issues, lack of brand communication, quick and dirty hardcoded solutions and many poorly implemented 3rd party services. Tom Hope were also highly resource dependent on developers to update their site.

Our mission was to build a new concept on a new storefront based on Tom Hopes new re-positioning of their brand. Our idea was to revamp their whole ecom store completely with new robust solutions and equip the client with a superior backend and frontend interface to truly elevate their brand. This would enable Tom Hope to do what they do best: driving sales and building their brand on a global scale.

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Our mission was to show the world that Tom Hope is not a one hit wonder but more of a lifestyle brand full of emotions, inspiration, details and craftsmanship. Sharing the Tom Hope world together with friends and loved ones was a key to success. We designed and developed a new custom theme from the ground and established a new store with new feasible, scalable, usable and valuable design and tech solutions. The new concept also aimed to make it even easier to find and purchase the right product, browse inspiration and cater for different user journeys with seamless navigation. Finally, we implemented a user generated content solution on the site driving further conversion and social proof of the whole Tom Hope lifestyle.

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Launching their new flagship store online means that Tom Hope no longer has to rely on any resource dependencies. They can easily and instantly merchandise and expand their assortment, build their brand with rich content and enable sales, influencer and marketing activities. Equipped with their new enriched funnel and editorial pages Tom Hope can easily show the world that they are not a one hit wonder. Tom Hope’s journey has begun to reach new dreams and heights. Below are some words from the ceo & co-founder Tomaj:

After the launch of our new e-commerce store with Panagora on Shopify Plus, I realised the importance of digital craftsmanship. With the same marketing budget, we increased the number of conversions far greater than our expectations. We managed to grow the revenue on our core markets and at the same time develop our secondary markets at a much faster pace. I would also like to mention how much better our site looks and feels now. We are a fast-growing company, and the challenges are to incorporate change and at the same time stay true to our heritage. Panagora managed to translate both into our new online concept and bridge the gap of design and development in a truly artistic manner. The high level of engagement and dedication is what sets them apart, and we are looking forward to a long partnership in developing Tom Hope.

Tomaj Sanghi, CEO & Co-founder, Tom Hope

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