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Re-design of an award-winning hosiery brand influencing an entire industry


Swedish Stockings E-commerce, Platform Shopify

How we re-designed a fast growing and disruptive hosiery brand with the mission to change and influence the entire hosiery industry towards sustainable production overall using our Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets.


Swedish Stockings is a Stockholm-based hosiery brand with the vision to change an entire industry. Pantyhose are women's biggest consumable garment and also incredibly harmful to the environment. They started Swedish Stockings because they believed in making a change. Sustainability and quality goes hand in hand. If women can learn to wear and love a product for a longer time, then they also buy less. Swedish Stockings needed a complete revamp of their multi storefront setup due to high maintenance costs and theme issues in their code base. Their old site did not reflect their true brand potential. They were ready to take their next step in scaling up their global ecommerce business.


Our mission was to re-design the site, improve their tech stack and build a new store concept using our Panagora starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets. Our idea was to merge all existing three storefronts into one storefront with Shopify markets to decrease their cost of ownership. We wanted to deliver a distinct and highly performing retail experience on a new theme based on their updated visual identity. Swedish stockings had a list of requirements that also required client specific solutions such as bundling, user generated content and pre-order etc. We used our optimized Panagora starter-theme for a superior responsive solution, navigation, speed and effortless shopping experience. The starter-theme boosts sales, site performance, SEO, accessibility and best practice but allows unique client specific solutions and brand expressions. We also enabled our strategic partners such as Klaviyo and Gorgias to build a strong tech stack deeply integrated.

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Re-designing their new store on our starter-theme based on Online store 2.0 and Shopify markets means that the client can plan, expand, launch and scale up their global business to become a category winner within their niche. They can easily publish rich shopping and branded content on every page, onboard new staff members and enable sales, influencer, localization and marketing activities with ease. Moreover, they can easily showcase rich video content sitewide without any fear of site speed or bounce rate issues.

The team at Panagora has been structured and organised and delivered a great new theme to our site. We look forward to continue working with them and develop our online experience. They are very professional and experts within design, development and e-com strategy.

Linn Frisinger, Co-founder & CEO, Swedish Stockings
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Client benefits

Average page load time

2,3 seconds

Exit rate

- 29%

Time spent on site

+ 12%

Panagora starter-theme

Optimizations sitewide

Online store 2.0

Sections on every page

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