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Designing a complete corporate identity all the way from online to offline. From visual identity and brand platform to e-commerce, concept, ads, and packaging. This is how we did it.


In 2011, skin care therapist Annica Forsgren and IT entrepreneur Mikael Kjellman saw an opportunity in the online skin care market, having observed a saturation of low cost skin care outlets with a never-ending focus on low price. Having realized that, they decided to enter the market with a service focusing on high-quality products complemented with the additional service of skin care advisory.

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We knew that in order to really distinguish Skincity from the competitors, the site had to exude exclusiveness, simplicity and elegance. With that premise, we created a complete corporate identity, along with design and concept for an e-commerce experience focused on high-end service with professional skin care and makeup products.

The solution was designed with great emphasis on the founders' passion to follow the customer through the whole experience — all the way online to offline, from ads to packaging and giveaways.

To encourage engagement and deliver value to the customers, we also created an online skin test where customers could answer 20 skin-related questions, upload a photo and within 24 hours get a direct response from Skincity skin therapists with advice and tips on what products to get and how to use them.

"The solution was designed with great emphasis on the founders' passion."

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By merging the passion and industry experience from the founders together with our e-commerce expertise, we delivered the following impact:

  • 0-100 million SEK in four years.

  • Dedicated customer loyalty and well above average conversion rate.

  • A unique brand positioning for Skincity that differentiates it as a brand in a fiercely competitive market.

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