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A responsive e-commerce solution with brand-building content and an efficient administration

Elvine E-commerce, Platform EDGE

Developing a user-friendly, unique and responsive e-commerce solution that links e-commerce with content.


Elvine, a Panagora client since 2013, is a well-established brand with representation in over twenty countries through retailers and their flagship online store. The challenge lately has been to manage their e-commerce and to work flexibly and creatively with their content. Panagora was given the opportunity to help Elvine create the right conditions to build a strong brand image through a modern e-commerce solution that in the best way combines today's three platform solutions into one responsive site. Our mission was to develop a user-friendly, unique and responsive e-commerce solution with a contemporary and modern expression that reflects Elvine as a brand. A digital platform that links ecommerce with content but at the same time supports an efficient administration

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As true Gothenburgians with the harbour, a sense of humour and bad weather in our blood, the city has become the very basis of our existence.The unpredictable weather has pushed us to design solid, functional jackets for a city lifestyle and as inhabitants of Sweden’s second city with a strong worker culture, we feel comfortable in an effortless collection. But best of all is the pleasant atmosphere in Gothenburg, which has made Elvine an exuberant and welcoming brand for all people.

Daniel Mänd, Founder and creative director, Elvine
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At Panagora we believe in the power of purpose-driven communication – giving brands direction and personality. For us, it is important that the customer experience is inspiring, and together with Elvine we wanted to create a digital platform that fuses the purchase flow with inspiring content. This in order to effectively drive sales as well as to build brand awareness. The soul and personality of Elvine as a brand should be the center of the expression.

On top of our proprietary e-commerce platform EDGE, we built a template-based and adaptive design solution that creates the right conditions for Elvine to create inspiring content and always keep an up to date profile. Building a stronger global brand with a link to the history of Elvine – a brand that is a proud "dedicated maker of jackets", inspired by Gothenburg's subcultures.

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The layout is now more dynamic and the surfaces for inspirational content allows greater flexibility. Our solution has enabled the design team to easily bring their creative ideas to life.

The move of editorial content from wordpress blog to shop seamlessly connects content with products, saving time and creating a better end-user experience. By merging the three previously platform solutions into one, we have both facilitated the administration for Elvine and brought it all together into a responsive site where the user can take part of everything under the same roof, with a purchase just one click away.

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