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Introducing the new organic skincare brand EIR Scandinavia to the world

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Creating a strong and unique brand expression for a new-born brand. This is how Panagora gave EIR Scandinavia a visual identity and brand platform.


EIR Scandinavia is a newly established brand within the Orkla group specialized in natural beauty and well-being. EIR Scandinavia wants to inspire women all over the world by providing information and inspiration about inner and outer beauty, sustainability and the impact of psychological factors on your skin. The goal is to help you become your own expert on your skin. A trust-worthy destination with a service focusing on high-quality natural beauty products complemented with the additional service of skin care advisory.

To help introduce this new brand to the world and to distinguish EIR Scandinavia from their competitors, Panagora wanted to create a fast and seamless shopping experience with a unique and distinct brand expression that contains curated skin care content.

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We want to educate our customers about how important your skin feeling is for your own well-being, because it's tightly connected to how you feel as a person.

Nina Skalstad, Founder & CEO, EIR Scandinavia
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In order to really distinguish EIR Scandinavia from their competitors and define what the brand stands for, Panagora identified the necessity of taking a strategic approach. Based on customer and market insights, we formulated a brand platform accompanied by a visual identity with a strong and unique brand expression.

Since EIR Scandinavia is a new brand, we started to build a design concept to launch a blog, in order to increase brand awareness, encourage engagement and drive traffic. The blog concept is intended to educate the user on how good skin feeling is equal to feeling better. It is also a platform that encourages the user to share reviews and their own beauty stories. In addition to the blog, we designed a web shop and a skin analysis tool to help the user find the right products for their skin type.

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Key benefits delivered with the new set up.

  • Establishing a brand platform for internal and external stakeholders

  • Using the brand platform to design a distinguished visual identity

  • A unique logotype application with infused story telling

  • A web design concept that builds the brand for blog and e-commerce

  • A strategic UX/UI solution for skin analysis tests, for customer acquisition and customer loyalty

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