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Re-envisioning a bold and new visual identity

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Creating a new visual identity that allows Babyshop to become a market leader and establish their own trends.

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As Babyshop were making its foray into physical and international expansion, they asked Panagora to re-envision and deliver a new visual identity that will effectively enhance their strategic efforts.

Through our discovery phase with Babyshop we reached three key perceptions surrounding the brand.

  • Babyshop is a retail concept that specializes in unique and premium baby clothes and products, positioned for the upper middle class segment.

  • Babyshop strikes a unique balance of being exclusive (but never in an elitist or negative way), yet fun and a little quirky.

  • Striving to be a confident market leader, Babyshop establish their own trends and always deliver a WOW experience.

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We developed the principles of the new visual identity based based on two layers; a primary and a secondary, both crafted to work seamlessly hand-in-hand to present a compelling and cohesive brand image.

The primary layer consists of the basic brand elements: logotype, primary typeface and primary color. These legacy elements are always a part of the visual identity, formed for rigidity but with enough flexibility in the right places to leave room for creative and bold expressions.

The secondary layer, the explosive element of the visual identity, is where the Babyshop personality comes alive. Through an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, typography, imagery, and packaging, we reveal the brand's fun and quirky traits. Elements of this layer are designed for intensity and not longevity, meant to burn twice as bright to create maximum impact specifically targeted, whether it's for a season or a market.

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With the rebranding Babyshop has been able to exert a strong and clear visual identity, one infused with its core values and designed with the big picture in mind. Continuing its meteoric growth, Babyshop was valued at 700 million SEK following international investments as of January 2016, 100 million SEK more than previous projections according to

"Babyshop establish their own trends and always deliver a WOW experience!"

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