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Transferring the essence of a simplistic and modern brand to a flagship online store by rethinking the compontents of a tradtional e-commerce site.


In the highly competitive fashion industry, branding is perhaps the single most critical part of a business. All Blues, a Stockholm based unisex jewellery brand (Elle's Accessory Designer of the Year 2016) approached Panagora. The challenge was to help them convey the essence of their brand through a flagship online store, which would serve as the hub of their brand's experience once completed.

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One of the key insights we arrived at was the importance of exalting the idea of quality at the heart of what we do. We wanted to amplify All Blues' quality through simplicity and classic modernism, with an emphasis on subtle details rather than broad strokes.

With that, we set out to rethink every component of a traditional e-commerce site to sift out any clutter and unnecessary communication in order to reach an architectural-esque simplicity and elegance.

To achieve that delicate symbiotic relationship between brand and usability, we created Ab Sans — a bespoke typeface — as the visual layer that ties the concept together. Drawn from classical proportions with a restrained, almost absent character working with only the purest, simplest of shapes, it reflects the gender neutrality of All Blues jewellery while reinforcing its timelessness.

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By removing unnecessary details and making it more neutral and anonymous, we strengthened the brand's core identity and presence by aligning it with its vision and values. All Blues' online store now serves as not just a store, but as a hub that seamlessly houses the collective brand across its channel.

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