How Panagora increased ATP Atelier’s conversion rate with 80% within one and a half month during the most critical times of the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the worst times of Covid-19 pandemic, ATP Atelier and Panagora started a conversation about how we could attract more customers to visit their ecommerce site, as well as to increase the conversion rate. To achieve these goals Panagora suggested ATP to invest in a CRO audit, in order to evaluate and provide suggestions based on usability, engagement & content of their existing site.


Through data we concluded that the traffic from Instagram and organic search could increase. We also saw that the bounce rate and the funnel conversion rate could be improved through better user journeys and usability. Last but not least we wanted to look in to the ever so complicated problem of returns when shopping for shoes. We fast saw a potential in increasing ATP's conversion rate and profit if these three areas were adressed correctly.

Project Goals

  • Increase conversion rate across all devices with 40% within 3 months.
  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Improve the brand awareness

In order to increase traffic we made some changes to the instagram, facebook and paid media content. Our goal was to better meet the customer expectations but also to thorougly and clearly communicate ATPs product offer and USP, vegan hand made leather from Italy.


So did we achieve our goals? By only looking at the data from Google Analytics we can see that we have managed to increase the organic search with 17% for new users, as well as an increase of new users through Instagram referrals with 126%. This tells us that we have achieved to improve the brand awareness among new users.

The most important goal of increasing the conversion rate was achieved. We managed to increase the conversion rate with 122% within 2.5 month as well as an increase of revenue with 120%.


Clients benefits

E-commerce Revenue


Unique number of purchases


New customers and sessions