BMAAS – Bot Management As A Service

We have extensive knowledge and hands on experience in fighting bots. We have worked with several clients within the HYPE commerce nische and are helping them to detect and mitigate bad bots for releases, site abuse, scraping, and more. As a Cloudflare partner, our goal with BMAAS is to maximize your business while allowing you to focus on what really matters, the human customer.


What we are fighting

We have certified professionals that are specialists in configuring and tuning Cloudflare services. We use machine learning techniques to find, and challenge abusive behavior with tools such as JS Challenge and Captcha.

  • Inventory hoarding
  • Credit card fraud
  • E-commerce scalping
  • Skewed website analytics
  • Automated “sign up” solutions
  • Avoid downtime

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks. Today, businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and anyone with an Internet connection presence boast faster, more secure websites and apps thanks to Cloudflare. Approximately 25 million Internet properties are on Cloudflare.


Bot Evolution

Bots are getting more and more advanced and are ever evolving. To keep your site safe, your mitigation methods should also do so. Yesterday’s methods may not work tomorrow.

Types of bots:

  • Basic Bots (simply collect info, repetitive attack pattern)
  • Mature Bots (steal sensitive data, commit fraud, disrupt business)
  • Sophisticated Bots (mimic human behavior, uses legitimate customers credentials)

Key features

Boost conversion rates Lower app response times, faster page loads, and better reliability all increase buyer conversions. We improve performance by protecting and mitigating malicious and illegitimate traffic while leaving your legitimate and converting customers unaffected and secure.

Block malicious attacks E-commerce clients are common targets of malicious activity. Attackers look to compromise customer data, commit fraud, steal accounts, and otherwise disrupt business. Bot management is aimed at blocking these kinds of attacks, and preventing bot account takeovers and other malicious bot activity.

Avoid data breaches Web application security is especially important for companies handling customer data. We offer layered security defences, WAF, rate limiting, and an IP reputation database, to block malicious activity and help prevent data loss.

DDOS attack Any downtime hurts sales, and DDos attacks take down web properties by inundating them with massive amounts of artificial traffic. We are able to stop even the largest DDoS attack.

Enhanced experience for the real customers By not letting bots steal the stock, we help you give your real customers a more fair chance of buying what they want.


The BMAAS Playbook

1. Bot Audit. 14 days. We log everything, and learn more about your specific bot related issues:

This gives us a threat profile, including Bot behavior analysis, weak points on your infrastructure, geographical sources and distribution, traffic origin/abusive networks and an estimation of legitimate traffic.

2. Bot Analysis - We will create a Bot report including your Bot pains, the amount of requests from automated traffic, and a recommendation of a suitable plan going forward.

3. BMAAS plans - We offer different types of plans depending on your specific needs. Either a “Set & Forget” solution or a continuous plan where we keep your site at the technical edge.


Proven track record

Clients that use bot management today: Sneakersnstuff, Wood Wood, Naked, YME, Soto Store, STRESS

Average success rate: Since Bots are always evolving and becoming better, Bot Management is a constant struggle to keep up with detecting new attack vectors and mitigating them as quickly as possible.

We see an average success of mitigating between 20% and 60% of malicious traffic on a site depending on the nature of the abuse.

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